Performance — Async Partial Views Exists?

First of all, I would like to thanks Michael Kennedy for his amazing work related to ASYNCHRONOUS PARTIAL VIEWS which he shared in his blog as :

He uses the Power of jquery and MVC partial views with greater efficiency.

Now I will share my experience that how I got benefitted with his blog. In recent days, I am working with performance optimization for our industrial applications where I have to make the applications faster as low as loading time — 1 sec.

The page has a lot of information which sources from the DB and various other 3rd party APIs. The page load time is 43 sec, it's beyond your wait time.

I reduced the irrelevant Db calls but still, it is taking approximate time like 5 sec, and still, it is huge.

What happens within 5 sec?

Within 5 sec, the user is just waiting and frustrating that why it is not opened. Even when I was working on the same page, I got frustrated that why it is taking more time to load.

I got the problem that it is an API issue and my Product Owner asked me to remove the functionality of 3rd Party API until they resolved it.

But, In my mind, I do not agree with this thought and one question to myself,

Can I not load this 3rd party API information separately.. so that it should not impact the load time of my page?

After searching, I got this blog and thinking about how can I implement this into the application.

Finally, I implemented it. Now the same Page load time between 988 ms to 1.02 sec.

In the above-mentioned blog, he has given two links as

Slow Version:

Async Version:

But how it got reduced, because I separated the API loading time through Ajax Mechanism and now it is taking their own sweet time to load.

It is based on the Psychological Effect of Human Being Theory, where the users are used to speed and parallelism to see something quicker within their Eyes blink and involve in reading.

All Heavy applications are using the same technique but the different mechanism which is popularly known as Component-Based and Composite UI Based Programming.

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